Sunday, November 16, 2008

an explanation for my blogging hiatus

it's been a let me try to recap the last two weeks because i just know all 4 of you really missed me in this here blogosphere:)

...celebrated election day at the republican party headquarters with good friends (an awkward night considering the turnout...but fun, nevertheless, and congrats to good friend Rep. Steve Kren!)

...took ellie to the movie "feater" to see HSM3...and kind of enjoyed it (oh no, I'm one of those moms!)

...celebrated my nephew's 7th birthday party with family...can't believe he's 7!

...laughed as Mike put up our Christmas lights on the house (he's got a little "Clark Griswold" in him)...then laughed harder when our neighbor put their's up a few days later...

...disinfected the entire house since the flu bug is going around... the flu bug despite the clean house, asked ellie if she would take care of me while i was sick, and she just said, "i can't, i'm a kid"...wished my mommy was here:)

...went to an Idaho Steelheads hockey game and sat with the hockey wives/girlfriends...they won! first time i've been to a game and they won, the curse is broken!

...helped ellie get ready for her first date...her daddy took her to the "winter ball" and she was convinced she was a princess and he was her prince...i heard she was quite the "life of the party"...not surprised...

...missing church today:( cleaning up puke, washing puked on bedding, comforting my sweet olive who unfortunately got the flu bug, too...

...getting ready to make some good ole', comforting chicken soup...we could all use a little comfort today:)

What kind of "comfort" things are you craving today?


Cindy said...

I always enjoy reading your blog:) Its inspiring, encouraging, full of life, and powerful:) I'm sorry to hear that you guys had the flu, we will pray for healing:)You are a blessing Jenn, to all of us:)And hot chocolate is comforting to me.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Oh not, not the plague for you guys too! We too will be praying for healing over you all. We love you guys and hope you mend soon. Let us know if you need anything. Right now for comfort a warm bed. :) But usually homemade chicken noodle soup.
Oh, we heard that lime (it has to be lime) sherbet and 7-up (a float) takes care of upset tummies. The woman keeps some on hand at all times. Her family swears by it.

jenn lee said...

thanks cindy and tammy...and i'm definitely going to try the lime sherbet float next time i'm sick...actually, that even sounds good now!