Monday, November 3, 2008

too much fun for a monday...

be could spend hours here! you can design your own room and see rooms others have designed. i'm seriously considering wallpapering a wall in my living room (thanks, simplygrove) and want to see what it actually would look i started with the things that i have currently in my living room, and tried different wallpaper patterns to see which i liked best. plus, it will help convince the hubby it's a good idea if he can actually see what it will look like! i have decided, this is definitely not one of my strong sides...good thing i have amazing design friends as consultants!


gretchen said...

Hey, Sisser, 'member me?

Anyway, you and the girls have to check out
It's a live web cam with six puppies that are really cute. We've been watching it all weekend.

Also, it's amazing how you got the exact hanging lamp that you have in that picture. Are you really thinking wall paper? Cool.

SimplyGrove said...

Do it Jenn!!!!!!!!!!! Wallpaper!!!!