Friday, April 10, 2009

cardboard dreams

these people are ordinary people with extraordinary faith...with a story of overcoming fear to see their God dream achieved...i want to be like these people

Cardboard Dreams from Capital Christian Media on Vimeo.

this was in response to Pastor Ken Wilde's amazing series on going after the dreams God has for you, called "Forward Together" at our church, Capital Christian Center


there's nothin' like a kid being chosen into a family...we have mad love for Bubba Grove, read about his story at my friend's blog

we were there, waiting impatiently in the waiting room, for the little one to come into the world, and for his mom to arrive from seattle...hoping those two moments would happen as close to each other as possible...such fond memories, such a blessing to have amazing friends

Saturday, April 4, 2009

i want to go back to kindergarten!

i did the unthinkable this week...i put my little girl on a school bus...all by herself.

even though it was just for kindergarten orientation (a tour of the school, classrooms, library, gym, and a bus safety teaching), many of you asked how i handled it. surprisingly, i didn't shed a tear!

maybe it was because i was too distracted with the wonder of a small library filled with new adventures that i knew ellie would be discovering on her own...

maybe it was because i was too observant of the creative inspiration made from little hands that plastered the hallways...

maybe it was because i was restraining myself from jumping in at the playdough station, the coloring station, the puzzles station...

or maybe it was because i saw my little girl gain a world of confidence as she climbed down those towering bus steps, skipped over to me with the biggest smile i've ever seen, and exclaim, "mom, i made a new friend, all by myself! his name is jacob, and we said 'nice to meet you' and we talked the whole time we were on our bus ride!"

all i could do was share in her contagious excitement of the whimsy and adventure of a whole new world...KINDERGARTEN!!

and now, i'm a little jealous...i want to go back to kindergarten!

{ellie hanging out with "buster", the remote control, talking bus that taught the kids bus safety...a genius invention!}

ellie-the stay at home mom

check out this post on my friend Robin's blog...abour her son, Steven, one of Ellie's bestest friends...