Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cirque du Stella

just thought i'd share this lovely pic from the baby shower me and my besties just put together for our good friend Jen, and her soon-to-arrive baby girl, was so fun planning and putting it together! this pic is only the entry, be sure to check out my good friend, Kirsten's, blog for more pics...and thanks to Krystal for free-handing the fabulous banner!


this is really a post to help me easily find these nuggets of wisdom on parenting from Kem Meyer...but if you are reading this, i hope you find it useful, too! i read this post about a month ago, and have been coming back to it for the entire last month. just some really good stuff, thanks Kem...

Parenting is hard. I'm in over my head. I'm not going to do everything right. But, I'm going to keep learning and keep trying. I don't take the responsibility lightly. I consider it an honor. And, here's a few things I've learned after being a parent for 20 years.

* I can't take the credit when my kids are a success.
* I can't take the blame when my kids choose their own path.
* My kids are not an extension of me, they are a unique God-created individual.
* I don't have all the answers; I have as much to learn from them as they do from me.
* Part of my job it is to help get them thinking, but not to tell them what to think.
* Dancing around and avoiding real conversations about awkward topics (like sex, mental illness, substance abuse, etc.) only sets them up for failure.

Let's camp on that last bullet for a minute. What parent looks forward to a conversation with their beautiful, innocent, cute & cuddly cherub about any of these topics? Our parental instinct is to protect them from all of it--act like it's not there. Our best intentions lead us to spend our time building a fortress of screens to shield them as long as we can. It's a lie many of us fall victim to. We procrastinate or avoid these conversations altogether because we don't want to be the one to take away "innocence." That's nice in theory, but naive in reality.

All of us have to face these issues and we're not in control of when that happens. it's everywhere, all around us (and them). If we don't provide our kids with a healthy, realistic context and adequate preparation, they're blind sided with life and thrown into reactive mode.

I want to be bold enough to teach my kids about uncomfortable topics. Where else will they get the truth? The media? Ugh. It’s up to us to clear the static, take the lead and help them learn the right place to find the answers when they need them.

Monday, July 13, 2009

summer update #2

Because I'm sure you've been wondering what the Lee's have been up to all summer, here ya go:

Our church's youth camp...included such adventures as Ellie's first tubing ride on the lake (which she LOVED) and her first emergency visit to the local clinic (head injury from falling off the top bunk bed in the middle of the night...ended up being more of a traumatic experience for mom than it was for her).

Lots of birthday parties and playdates, including cousin Jon's Ninja Birthday Party, and friend Eden's Princess Party, with a special appearance by REAL Princesses! (or at least REALLY pretty girls dressed in pink prom dresses like princesses:)

And fun times spent outdoors with all the family and friends we love & adore...

Ellie & Jackson in Buhl...

Be sure to stay tuned for more summer adventures from the Lee's including kids camp, pool days, family vacation, Ellie's first day of Kindergarten, birthdays, and camping trips!!

summer update #1

more highlights of our far:

Renaissance Fair in Meridian...if you want some entertaining people-watching, you must go to a Renaissance Fair!! I had to convince Ellie that Renaissance princesses didn't wear pink...told her it was before pink was invented:)

Craft Day with good friend, Keto (Krystal Bingham)...included a "food color" theme and projects like shaving creme paintings, sand art, coffee filter butterflies, and making pink-colored toast for lunch. The girls LOVED it!

Trip to Buhl to visit family...Ellie & cousin Jackson watching cartoons.

Our float in the Meridian Dairy Days...we conquered the rainstorm and persevered...and it was so much fun!

First carnival rides of the season...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ellie's got talent

we all know she can do ballet, but here are some of the other styles she's training in (ok, not really training...just learning from "so you think you can dance")...she is a pretty mean hula hooper...

ellie's got talent from jennifer lee on Vimeo.

Monday, May 18, 2009

ellie's ballet recital

Ellie made her debut on the big stage in the classical ballet piece, "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary". I made my debut as a stage mom, I think I was more nervous than Ellie! Thankfully, our good friend and seasoned stage mom, Robin, offered to do Ellie's stage makeup and ballerina bun. Of course, I shed a few tears as she danced so beautifully and passionately (watch for the curtsy at the end, she was sooo proud!).

ellie's recital 09 from jennifer lee on Vimeo.

Friday, April 10, 2009

cardboard dreams

these people are ordinary people with extraordinary faith...with a story of overcoming fear to see their God dream achieved...i want to be like these people

Cardboard Dreams from Capital Christian Media on Vimeo.

this was in response to Pastor Ken Wilde's amazing series on going after the dreams God has for you, called "Forward Together" at our church, Capital Christian Center