Thursday, November 6, 2008

some fading fall thoughts...

...should i keep my pumpkins until Thanksgiving?

...why are there large, ominous tumbleweeds attacking my house? now too soon to hang our stockings? (i'm just so excited i actually have a mantle to! sun, can you please just peek your head out for a minute? i already miss you!

...have you seen a cuter butterfly and candy corn than this?


Brian said...

Oh, the costumes on your girls are just ridiculously cute! I love watching kids dress up for Halloween.

gretchen said...

Ethan is doing a "decay" experiment with our pumpkins, so I guess ours are staying out until they decay.

The tumbleweeds just want a place to call home. Won't you adopt a few lonesome tumbleweeds? Isn't your heart big enough to let them in?

Do it, hang your stockings!!

Mr. Sun wore out his welcome this summer. Good riddance!

No, I haven't seen a cuter butterfly or candy corn!

*kk* said...

i was actually thinking the same question about the pumpkins.. though I'm thinking I want a nice cozy christmas decorated home when I come back from thanksgiving..

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Hee hee, been wondering the same thing about the pumpkins.

Tumbleweeds, shmumbleweeds. How do they multiply so quickly?

Hang your stockings girl! I have to say, the little ones keep the excitement growing, and am itching to do a little early decorating, but will contain myself...*sigh* Well maybe. :)

And of course the butterfly and the candy corn were cuties!