Sunday, October 5, 2008

the sarah palin-name-game

Did anybody else say "Huh?" when you first heard the names of Todd and Sarah Palin's 5 children? Since reading her biography, "Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska's Political Establishment Upside Down", (which made me realize how many similarities I share with Gov. Palin...but that's for a different blog post), I finally found out the reason behind their names:

Track: because he was born during track and field season (Sarah was a track athlete and her dad was a track and cross country coach). The book says,
Sarah's father jokingly asked what they would have named their son if he had been born during basketball season. Without hesitation, Sarah answered 'Hoop'.

: after the ocean bay where they fished

Willow: after Alaska's state bird, the willow ptarmigan

Piper Indy
: after the Piper Cub airplane that Todd flies and the Polaris Indy snowmobile he drove when he won the Iron Dog snowmobile race

Trig Paxson
: Trig in Norse means "true" and "brave victory" and Paxson after an Interior lake popular among snowmachiners

So, with this in mind, I've come up with the "Gov. Sarah Palin Name Game"...use the following formula to come up with what you should name your next child:

fav. sport+fav. fishing hole+your state's bird+the kind of car you drive+fav lake

This is what we will be naming our next child:

"Golf Meathole Mounty (Mountain Bluebird) Mitsy (Mitsubishi) Payette"

I think we'll just call him/her Jr. for short.

What will your next child's name be?


Omah's Helping Hands said...

Heaven for bid if we named our kids like that. Ha ha ha. Ours would be Geof (for golf) Boundry (can't remember the name of the lake on the boundry waters of MN. and Canada), Loon (for the state I'm from), Dodger (Dodge)Toy (Toyota), Sasquamish. Poor kid. So let's see, Geof Boundry Loon Dodger Toy Sasquamish. Maybe Geof Boulodger Ty Squam.
Thanks for sharing the name meanings. Was curious as to how they named their children such unique names. Makes sense.

Savvy Mode SG said...

i don't have one yet but i want to give them names that they won't ask in the future: mommy, why?

JML said...

Jenn, have you ever seen the movie, "Willow"? If you haven't, then when you and Mike have me over for dinner, I'll bring it and we can all watch it!!!!!!

jenn lee said...

love that movie, jml! wiiilllloooww...we are totally watching it!