Wednesday, October 8, 2008

it's noon...are you praying?

In honesty, this is the first day I've remembered to pray right at noon. I usually remember around 3pm or 8pm...but today Ellie and I dropped our plastic fruit, took off our silly chef hats, and sat down and prayed for our nation right there in her playroom. It was powerful! So, I urge you, join with people all over the nation...and even in some other nations, and pray for our country & our leaders at noon (or as close to it as you can remember). Here are some points from Pastor Ken's blog on the significance of this noon time prayer:

Noon prayer

1. This is a commitment to prayer at noon for at least five minutes each day of the week.
2. Noon prayer was a vital element of every major revival and awakening since 1727.
3. Great Britain under the leadership of Winston Churchill called for noon prayer during World War II to stave off the German air assault on London and England.
4. The Naval Academy has had noon prayer since 1864.

Also, join in the conversation at Pastor Ken's Blog on the creative ways you are finding to insert prayer for our nation into your busy schedules. Go and comment on his post, "Prayer Strategies"...and let us know what works for you!


Shana said...

Today was also the first day I remembered right at noon. I called Emma in off the computer, and we all prayed right in the kitchen. Awesome!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Today was the first for me as well. I was at the church for group and we broke a few minutes early so we could attend. It was powerful! I believe it will be easier to remember now. Praise God!