Monday, June 23, 2008

your favorite room?

My best three amigas and I had an interesting discussion at one of our recent girl's night outs (**a monthly must for all busy moms). We love to look at design mags and books, and dream of what we can do with our personal spaces. I do a lot of dreaming, my friends who are creative geniuses and are fearless, do a lot of designing and updating in their homes weekly. I posed the question, "what is your favorite room in your home, and WHY?". My good friend, simplygrove, followed that with the question, "what is your favorite room in your friend's homes, and WHY?". We learned a lot about each other in those two simple questions. Not so much about each other's best creative work or design taste, but why we invest the most money and time into certain spaces to create rich memories, and beautiful living.

My response was that my favorite room in our home is our dining room. Partly because I love the drama of our dark table mixed with the romance of creme chairs and curtains, but mostly because I love what we create as a family there. It's a place we endeavor to meet at once daily to invest in each other, have memorable conversations, play board games, color pictures, and probably eat something that the microwave has helped to prepare. I don't have a cooking blog for a reason...not a big fan.

So, what is your favorite room in your home...and WHY?


Anonymous said...

I have to say, I like your dining room too. That whole setup is really nice. You can get a lot done in a space like that. As for me, I think I like Ethan's bedroom the best. It's just so full of character, especially when he's in it. How can you not love the space posters or the picture of the curious boy looking at the frog? Let's hope he still likes the Thomas the Tank Engine color scheme when he's 15!

moma lee said...

ha ha...thanks tbone, I love Ethan's room too! Definitely not lacking in character. And paint is easy and cheap...I would love to help if you (or he) ever wants to change it!