Saturday, June 7, 2008

10 Random Things...

Since I didn't give a lot away in the "about me" section, I thought I'd give you a bit bigger snapshot of who I am:

Ten random things about me...
1. When I was a freshman, me and my friends snuck out the night before our first day of school and climbed the Rangen's tower in Buhl. That was pretty much the extent of my rebellious years.

2. I don't necessarily like shopping. When I go, I am on a mission. None of this browsing, "shopping for fun" business.

3. When I was little, I had a pet hamster named Goobers that died because I didn't clean his cage...poor guy.

4. When I was 5, I told my mom I wanted to be a preacher when I grew up because their weren't any female preachers...that I knew of.

5. I went to college to become a Genetics Counselor...and no, that does not mean "counseling genes".

6. My dream used to be to live on a sailboat and follow the whale migration from hawaii to alaska.

7. I did research for the Fish & Game, which included anesthetizing baby fish, cutting their heads off, and grinding them up in a beaker to find a certain parasite.

8. I love to crump...not that I really know how to, but I like to think I got moves.

9. I love writing...

10. I think God made a mistake...I surely don't deserve this fabulous life, amazing family, and all that I have. Thanks for the wondrous surprises!!

(P.S. I know God is sovereign and doesn't make mistakes. I obviously do make mistakes...just an illustration of my imperfect perception).


*kk* said...

Hey Jenn!
i really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to it! your blog about reading got me thinking about a cool nook for jack to read.
Good Job on the blog!

JML said...

I like to crump too! It's just fun. How can you not laugh or smile when you do it? It's impossible not to. That's why God invented it. He laughs too. There are only a few other things we do that The Big Guy could find to be funnier than that... Oh well. I enjoy how you write, it's conversational, only like you're talking to someone who is smart. Not an idiot like you see in some random drive through somewhere...that you have to fake-listen to. Be blessed!

SimplyGrove said...

This was a fun post!!!

JML said...

You should write about you at camp. That would make everyone happy because they'd see that you're mildly crazy- at least violent!