Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Watermelon Warrior Princess

Last week was our church camp for youth. I was a little anxious to jump in and get involved as a team leader, since during last year's camp I was 7 months pregnant and was banished to my cabin during the extremely competitive, grueling, and usually dangerous camp games. So, I subjected myself to my team (team "Maz-duh") and to things such as being painted and decorated, running through treacherous obstacle courses, and the infamous eating of the gross food (ok, I only ate gummy bears). But most infamous of all is and was, the tarp games. Huge tarp, baby oil, oatmeal, dish soap, and fighting for slippery things like noodles and fish and greased do the math. One certain round called upon all girl team leaders to represent their teams in a wrestle for the watermelon, and I reluctantly volunteered. As the whistle blew, I held back a bit, assessed the situation, watched the initial squabble unfold. Then something came over me. I crouched down to the mess of arms and legs and hair pulling, and decided to dive in. I was able to slip onto the bottom of the pile and plant myself around the melon, and tried to hold on for dear life. Why were good Christian girls scratching, pulling limbs and hair, jumping on backs, throwing elbow jabs, and grunting? I seriously do not know. But the passion and sheer determination that was displayed by those young female leaders that day makes me want to be a part of where they are going with God! And I know they are all as serious about leading an apathetic culture into a realization of the adventurous life, as they are about wrestling for that watermelon. And we all made up, forgave each other, and have a new-found respect for each other.
So, all of you that were surprised (like jml), I do have a crazy and competitive alter ego...maybe she will write a post on this blog someday.
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JML said...

Reluctant!?! Whatever! You were first in that pile of squabbling girls. Just kidding. It was amazing. I knew you had it in you, but I forget sometimes. I'm glad you kicked butt, and way to make it spiritual.