Saturday, March 28, 2009

full moments

growing up, it seemed like my family was always on some sort of outdoor adventure...cross country trips, sailing excursions, camping expeditions, and even an attempt at navigating a boat trip from Washington to Alaska (it wasn't quite a success, but that's for another blog post). it may sound like we had plenty of money, but my parents managed to do all this on teacher's salaries. i marvel at their love for adventure, desire to find new lakes to fish in, places to camp, and beauty to take in (they're still like this).

so i've purposed in my heart to get my "city girls" out in the beauty of nature more often. we started last weekend with a trip to the Bruneau Sand Dunes, which included a serious discussion with ellie on how fun it is to get dirty and play in sand. it took some convincing, but she jumped right in in and got really dirty!

first day of spring and 70 degrees!

as i sat on the side of the sand dune with ellie and we watched the invisible wind push perfect ripples across the lake, i realized i must find more moments like these...unforgettable, life-giving, full moments

our goal is to find as many spectacular places as we can this year, and in one week, here's what we've found...

Bruneau Sand Dunes

Malad Gorge
1000 Springs Preserve
Billingsley Creek

what are your favorite places where you've found full moments?


Sebastian said...

I love my "dirty" baby girls and the adventure they live every day! La you

The Meredith Family said...

If you come this way for a visit we will show you some great places!!!! How great would that be?!!!

jenn lee said...

Hey Sharah...we seriously want to get to northern idaho soon! i know there are tons of amazing, beautiful places that i want my girls to see!!

Kenziepoo said...

Oh...those girlies of yours are so stinken cute! Love these pics of them. ;)