Friday, September 5, 2008

fancy praise dance pants

So I think I can dance...but I do admit I could use a little more training before I audition to be on the show (I'm 28 yrs old so this year is my LAST CHANCE!). What better opportunity than to attend DANCE CLINICS hosted by our church and lead by none other than Sabra herself (winner of Season 3 "So You Think You Can Dance").

In preparation for some intense dance training coming up next weekend, I have done some research and found a website for all of y'all modest dancers...and a place to buy a pair of hot pink Praise Booty Shorts...Reflections of Dance Liturgical Dancewear. You have to check it out.

Forget the days of worshiping with ribbons and flags...the sleeves on these Praise Dance Dresses double as flags. And they have an extensive Praise Undergarment section, as well as, my fav...Praise Dance Pants (it's just fun to say). And no worries, Ken Holsinger and Marcus Hackler, they have a little something for you in the Men's Praise Dancewear section...take your pick of Peasant tops and Praise pants. I'm pretty sure I will definitely be able to rock my audition of Sabra's "Amazing Grace" with one of these Godet Praise Dance Dresses...I'm thinking the Forest Green/Pistachio would look best on me.

What do ya think?


JML said...

Image in my head: "Our God is an awesome Gad He reigns...." Enter in Mike and Jenn Lee stage left in their pistachio green and whatnot praise outfits, who then put their interpretive motions to the rest of this Michael W. Smith classic....everyone gets slain in the spirit because it's WAY too much to handle. Good job friends, good job.

SimplyGrove said...


Alexa said...
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AJ said...

hahahahaha....oh dear. Thank you for adding laughter to my day.