Tuesday, August 19, 2008

4 years ago...

4 years ago, I started my dream job.

4 years ago, I learned the fulfillment that could be birthed from sheer determination.

4 years ago, I watched the Olympics in my hospital bed while feeling the faint rhythm of a new heartbeat.

4 years ago, I came face to face with a miracle.

4 years ago, I was introduced to a love like I've never know.

To my sweet Ellie, you are beautiful beyond measure and you've taught me more than I've taught you. I love serving your dreams, you are more than a blessing to me!

love you, proud of you, believe in you,


naphtali said...

oh - i love what you wrote. {happy birthday sweet ellie!!}

naphtali said...

...and i love you jenn!! :)

jenn lee said...

thanks, tal...love you too!

*kk* said...

i love this jenn! you are such a poet!