Friday, August 22, 2008

1 year ago...

1 year ago...I took my dream job to a whole new level.

1 year ago...I invited my closest friends to one of the most intimate experiences of my life, and can't imagine them not being there.

1 year ago...I waited impatiently for someone who was in no hurry.

1 year ago...I met a stranger that seemed so familiar, like I'd already known her a lifetime.

1 year ago...I fell in love all over again.

To my sweet light up our lives! Your humor and compassion give life to our family, and we've been more rich this last year with amazing moments than we've ever been before.

love you, proud of you, believe in you,


tbone said...

Aw, that's such a great entry. You really warmed my heart this morning. You do have a couple of sweet little girls there, but you already know that.

Wife2Jason said...

What an awesome week you had!
The last two posts were beautiful, definatly writen by a devoted and loving mother! Happy Birthday to both of your girls.

rachelle said...

Oh, Jenn that was so beautiful! I love this...Olivia is so sweet, she reminds me so much of Kenzie Poo. :)

Christina said...

Happy Birthday girls!
Emma and I love and miss you.