Monday, December 8, 2008

letter to the lady who cried through the whole church service yesterday

I know you are shopping for the ideal church experience, and "trying on" different places of worship to find a good fit.

I met you before the service yesterday, and watched as you left with tears in your eyes...and wondered if you found what you were looking for.

My prayer is that you found more than an entertaining hour and a half display of people singing and a riveting sermon with pops of humor...I pray that you found the answer to the questions you've asked in those desperate hours...why your best friend is dying of cancer and why your family is drowning in this economic slump.

My prayer is that you found more than a crowd of people that stand, sing, sit, listen, stand, and sing again...that you found a crowd of people that left with overflowing faith, unashamedly putting that faith into motion by making the world a better place.

My prayer is that your tears are from a genuine experience with the God of unfailing love, the bringer of peace, and the hope of the world.

And in this winter hour of your soul, I pray those were tears of joy, as you found the promise of life growing under the snow of your circumstances.


Cindy said...

This is an amazing, powerful post, really touched my heart as I read it..just incredible. God's unconditional love flows through you. Thank you for sharing was just really, really amazing.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

I stand with you Jen and pray the same for this woman. There are times in life that becomes overwhelming and one does not know where to turn. I pray she ended up with the same warm, welcoming feeling we did when we first walked through the doors of CCC and made it our home.

Jonnie said...

Beautiful, Jen... beautiful - both you and this post. I find it every week and pray that anyone walking into a service does too. It was nice to chat a little this week... let's do it more often and get some time to workout together too... Love you!!

Anonymous said...

This is really awesome Jen!! I really like it!

Kenziepoo said...

Love this post Jenn!! :)

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Hey Sweet woman, I have a Christmas Spirit Award awaiting you at my blog. Can't think of anyone that knows the "True" meaning of Christmas better than you!
Merry Christmas!