Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here's to You...Reality Show Winner's Mom

I've always thought I could dance, ever since I was four years old and sprained my arm break dancing to my neighbor's organ (yes, the kind that you usually only hear in really scary movies and high cathedrals). So, I'm naturally a huge fan of the show "So You Think You Can Dance". And, of course, I was seriously starstruck this last weekend when I got to meet last year's winner of the show, Sabra!

But was was even better is that I met Sabra's mom, Robyn, last year when the competition was starting. I knew before Sabra even made it to the top 20 that she was going to. Not only was it super sneaky to get all the inside info on the show and the contestants (thanks, Robyn), but it was truly special to walk through this experience with Sabra's mom. And she's a great mom...constantly praying for her daughter throughout the experience, taking numerous trips to see her perform, and being genuinely excited about her daughter's accomplishments. This last weekend, I really enjoyed seeing how proud Robyn was of her here's to you!

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